office no more

with diana going to florida with a couple girlfriends for the long weekend, i knew i needed to make some progress on house work while she was gone. the biggest project i had while she was gone was to clean up the office. the whole room needed to be gutted and transformed. it was no longer going to be an office- now its going to be a nursery! that takes a lot of work though, especially considering what shape the place was currently in... well, i gathered up some empty boxes and got to work. i knew everything needed to be put out in the shed, almost nothing that is in there gets to stay! it took a couple of busy afternoons and a whole lot of trips back and forth to the shed, but the room really started to take shape! the real bother was that i needed to clean out the shed even before i got to work on the office. with all the new junk getting thrown in there i needed to play box tetris to find some room for all of it out there. the time went pretty quickly because i listened to a bunch of podcasts (yes, i am that nerdy) on my mp3 player while i worked. i think the wife will be quite pleased when she gets home and sees the huge transformation from hoarder to clean!

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