boy, what a meal!

after we finished with the ultrasound, i still couldnt wipe the huge grin off my face!  we were both really hungry, so we decided to go out for dinner.  diana suggested that we go eat at leona's restaurant.  i had taken her there once before while we were dating and she always remembered it as being so romantic.  in honor of the day's exciting events, we headed over there.  i dont know if it was because of our thrilled mood or what, but that may have been the best food i've eaten in years!  we got some calamari, bread, salad, and lasagna.  we were so busy eating and talking about our future and the excitement of the baby news that we didn't even realize that we had been there for over two hours!  finally we wrapped it up- not because we were done talking, but because we wanted to get home and start dreaming up plans for the nursery!

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