down to the last sock

its never a fun job, but somebody has to do it! we had worked our way down to the bottom of the drawers and now the last of our clothes were worn and dirty! we held out for as long as we could, but it was finally time: its laundry day. i packed up the four or five clothes baskets, changed the sheets, grabbed the towels, and headed off to the laundry mat for a much needed washing. i dont know why we wait so long- it just makes it more annoying. i think i did about eight loads (a new record for our household!). diana came over when she got out of work but i was already hip-deep in washing, so she headed back to the house and took the dog for his daily walk. one nice part about doing laundry is that i get a chance to just sit and read my book for a while. well, at least until the crazies at the laundry mat decide that they are your new best friend and want to talk your ear off about nothing! diana is always pestered by people there, i think she just looks like she wants to chat (which she doesnt), but for the most part they tend to leave me alone, thankfully!

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