tune talk

after we had a great time at dinner, diana and i headed over to sean and rachael's house. they had moved since last i visited, so it was fun trying to find their new house. we punched the address into our gps, which started a new round of a little game i like to play called 'the gps is wrong'. now, granted, a gps is supposed to know all the roads in the entire country and give the best ways to get to any given destination, but i often find that it does not always do that. diana always gets so annoyed with me because i think i know a better route than the gps does. the thing is though, i'm usually right! (diana will tell you the opposite...) i've been out of salt lake city for over 7 years, but i'm pretty sure i still know my way to the highway from where we were, and it wasnt the way the gps was telling us! so, after about 10 minutes of fighting the directions it gave (going the right way instead of what it said) i felt like i had gotten us to the right area, so then i followed its directing. eventually we made it to their house, taking the most direct route (thanks to my skills at correcting the gps).
we got there and all hung out around the kitchen table. rachael took us on a tour of the place and we got to see their beautiful home- very impressive! it made diana and i realize just how small of a place we have been living in! we stayed up for a bit playing with their dogs and chatting some more, reliving the old glory days. eventually we got on the topic of music (as sean and i always seem to do!), after about the first half hour of music talk, the girls opted to head to their beds. rachael had to work in the morning, and i think diana was just bored... both sean and i then pulled out our laptops and compared bands we have discovered since i moved. we ended up making a good music swap list for each other, sharing our own treasured music gems! finally exhaustion set in and we both called it a night.
(more pics)

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