dr. volts

one of my fondest memories of salt lake city were of when i had scrounged up enough money to make a trip to the comic book shop! i've collected comic books most of my life, ever since my friend david carrol introduced me to them in 6th grade. i kind of stopped paying attention to comic books while i was in college, but when i lived in slc i renewed my love for them, but this time i didnt really care about individual issues- i wanted trade paperbacks of the different stories! and dr. volts, the comic shop in salt lake city, had just what i wanted! i would go there as often as possible because they always had new and interesting stuff that i had never heard of before. during my visits there i was introduced to such great classics as cerebus, tom strong, and my absolute favorite: hellboy! they always had the trades i liked as well as strange and awesome toys and figures to go along with them. still to this day, i think that dr. volts is the greatest comic book store i have ever been to! it was such a thrill to go back there again and see the place and chat for a minute with the owner (dont worry, i'm not one of those comic book dorks who pester the owner with questions about which hero could be which other hero in a fight...). i got one book while i was there, but it was just so much fun to poke around those shelves again!
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