hotel cheyenne

after about 14 hours of driving, diana and i decided it was time to stop for the night. i had kind of hoped to make it to cheyenne, wyoming by the end of the day, so we pressed through until we got there. eventually we found a hotel that had a good price and a queen size bed (i was shocked at how many hotels had two twin beds but no queen sized beds!) we brought some stuff in, but crashed pretty quickly. its kind of strange that we could be so very tired from just simply riding in a car all day!
in the morning they offered free continental breakfast, but it started at 7:00am. that is way too early, but on the other hand, it was free. oh, the dilemma! we came up with a pretty crafty solution: i got up at seven and got a tray full of food for the two of us, we both ate it all down, and then headed back to bed! we finally got up a couple hours later, packed up and were back on the open road!
(more pics)

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