my little geologist

diana loves rocks. when she first went to college she was a geology major- thats how much she loves rocks! i havent really seen that side of her before, but while we were driving through some of the different parts of wyoming and utah she went nuts for the landscapes! once we got out of the great plains of the midwest we started to see the start of the rockies and diana was thrilled! she just kept ranting and raving about all the cool rock formations and layer composites and all kinds of stuff. she grabbed the camera and just kept shooting everything she saw! this picture is actually a composite of some (not all...) of the pictures she took while we were driving. always asking if we could get off the highway so she could collect rock samples! by the time we got to utah she made sure we went to a book store so we could get her a couple books on geology so she could identify and explain what we were seeing.
it was a side i certainly didnt expect to see from my wife, but it was really cool to see her so excited! i also got to hear some fun stories of the different class trips she went on with her geology classes in college.

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