one year

we made it! recently diana and i celebrated our one year anniversary! wow, i cant believe its been a year. there are some days where i cant believe its only been a year, and there are other days when i cant believe its already been a year!
i've got to say, its been even better than i thought it would be. the year has been filled with great times, good times, and just plain ol' times (which sometimes actually turn out to be the great times!)
for our anniversary i surprised diana with dinner at a fancy restaurant. the place is called the lighthouse, its in cedar rapids, about a 45 minute drive from our place. i had called to make the reservations about two weeks ahead so as to be sure to get a spot! i didnt tell her at all where we were going, i just told her to dress up!
when we arrived she was very happily surprised! the restaurant is right on the edge of cedar lake, with a great view! we got there just in time to see the sunset- it was beautiful! we had a great time talking about the year and about each other.
one year down, hopefully many more to go!
(more pics)

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