road block

on the way to salt lake city, driving through the mountains, we kept driving by gates at each exit of the highway. diana asked what those were for and i told her that sometimes, when the weather gets really bad, they actually shut down highway 80 and dont let anyone through! she thought that was ridiculous. little did we know that on the way home we would fall into that very situation! we had gotten through most of wyoming when suddenly there was a huge traffic jam on the highway. we didnt know what was going on, so we tuned in the emergency broadcast am station and heard that the highway was closed off! crap! we were going to be stuck in laramie, wyoming for the night! the snow and wind had shut the highway down and there was nothing we could do about it. fortunately diana was thinking and turned on the gps, which gave us local hotels and phone numbers. we booked a room as we were stuck in the traffic jam. about an hour and a half later we were finally able to get off the road and get to the hotel. its a good thing diana had thought of the gps because by the time we got there, there was no vacancy!
it wasnt such a bit deal for us, thankfully, we had been planning on stopping for the night in the next couple hours anyway. we got to our room, got comfortable, and ordered some chinese food! by morning we were back on the road and it was opened back up again, but it was pretty slow going for the first 30 miles or so.
(more pics)

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