on the road

after getting everything squared away for the trip (which involved a late night drive to diana's dad to take our dog and a midnight laundry run), we were ready to roll! we filled up the car and were on our way. we left the house around 7:30am. it was funny, i went on mapquest to check the directions and it gave me 7 steps, the first six were really short, trying to get me to the highway, and then it said 'when you are on highway 80, stay on it for 1400 miles till you arrive in salt lake city'! yikes!
i still hadnt gotten ahold of sean and rachael yet... around about omaha sean called. i chatted with him a bit and said that diana and i were thinking about stopping by sometime and were wondering if they would be up for it. i tried to play it off as casual as i could... he said 'sure!' i asked 'how about tomorrow?' he was pretty surprised but they gave it the go ahead! we were already 8 hours in to our 22 hour drive by the time we actually got the ok to stay at there house. probably should have planned that better...
well, it was a really long trip, we made some pretty good time- mostly because i was going as fast as i could to get out of nebraska! man, that state sure aint pretty!
(more pics)

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Jon Blair said...

Ha now, no need to hate on NE. I used to live there, the south part is super lame but the north is really nice. There are canyons, badlands, and mountains. Val Kelmer even made a movie there!