the cake (one year later)

in following with tradition, diana and i had a piece of our wedding cake on our first anniversary! i remember after the wedding thinking 'there is no way we are going to keep that in the freezer a whole year!' as it turns out, its really easy to keep something in the freezer for a year... or two... or three (i'm looking at you sausage patties from 2005!)
we were both really excited to fulfil this final part of our wedding activities. the most surprising thing about it all was that the cake itself was still actually pretty good! i've heard it said that you are newlyweds until you eat the last piece of cake. well, this whole newlywed thing has been going so well, i almost hate to see it go. my mom had the foresight to put three pieces in the container, so diana and i figure we will have another piece next year, and another one the year after that! so we've got two more years as newlyweds!
(more pics)

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Captainbananapants said...

LOL I love you guys so much! :o)