last weekend

wow, its been a while since ive been able to post on here! well, i better catch back up-
last weekend i went back up to michigan again to see the family. my brother, who is in the air force and stationed in new mexico, came into town for a visit! i had just been home the weekend earlier, but it was certainly worth the trip again to see him.
friday night we ate at my folks place (we pulled out the grill again) and spent time catching up and talking. after my sis left with the kids i got my bed ready. since my brother was home, he got the spare bed (because my parents love him more than me), and i was stuck with an air matress in the other room. after getting it set up (which included a quick visit to meijers because my dad accidentally threw away the old matress inflater) my brother and i headed over to my sisters house.
we sent the rest of the night playing cards and laughing very hard. such highlights include: 'oh, yah, they call that the pinch hitter', and a unique variation on 'pass' that i am unwilling to share here...
saturday i met up with rexy and putzed around baker bookhouse, toys r us, and woodland mall. jeffry lee joined us for a late lunch, and then he went back to rex's to play with transformers (no lie!). eventually we went to the theater to see ghost rider with aaron. afterward we grabbed a bite to eat, and went to go 'shoot some stick' as they say. it turned out to be a very fun day, even with the emminent promise of a blizzard coming.
sunday after church we had a great meal with my grandma. in the evening my new niece was baptized and i had to race home to see the oscars afterward.
a very fun and packed weekend!

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