avery's baptism

last sunday my new little niece had a big day- and i dont think she quite knew what was going on... it was time for that ever important sacrament in the life of a christian family- that of baptism. as members of the christian reformed church, my sister and bro-in-law took part in their tradition of infant baptism. fortunately, i got to be there for it!
sunday night at their church, friendship crc, my whole family, my grandma, a cousin or two, an uncle and aunt, and many of their friends were able to celebrate the event.
it was really cool. avery looked really cute in her outfit- as you can see above! there were even a few surprises for me during the service too- i had been told before, but had forgotten, that the pastor who baptized avery also baptized me! kinda cool! also, after the baptism, all avery's cousins got up and sang a song about how she is now in God's hands. it was super cute and it became obvious that jackson is going to be a performer of some sort- he was hysterical!
unfortunately i had to leave a bit early to beat the weather so i could make it home that night, but i felt really blessed to have been able to be a part of that beautiful night!

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