guys night

tonight was 'guys night' for my dad and i. my mom had plans to see some old friends, so dad and i took it upon ourselves to enjoy the evening together.
my dad and i are alot alike, we have the same sense of humor, we both enjoy learning about history, we even look alike (which is kind of scary to me- i look like a 52 year old?!?). so when ever we get the chance to spend some time together it is always a good time. well, lately dad has been asking about the movie 300. he saw a special on the historical battle on the history channel (i saw it too) and wanted to see the movie. we hadnt had any time since i got home, so we took the opportunity to see during our 'guys night'. the theater was quite empty (4:00 on a monday, what do you expect?) so his usual comments and questions while we watch movies werent quite as disruptive. i always enjoy his questions because they are usually something like this: 'whos that guy?' which invariably is asked about 3 seconds before they tell us. i get a kick out of that.
after the movie we headed out for dinner at an old favorite: the corner bar in rockford. it seems like a bit of a drive, but my dad swears 'its only seven minutes away!' every once in a while we will go up there and have their amazing hot dogs. they are so good im almost positive they come from the same magic farie hot dog land as baseball stadium hot dogs. we had a great time talking about the historical accuracy of the film the whole way there, and were able to just have some great conversations and enjoy each others company all night.
it never takes much to remind me, but tonight i remembered how much i love my dad. hopefully someday i will be as cool as him.

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