a comical quandry

there is a comic book shop in town that i go to every once in a while. i used to be totally into comic books when i was growing up, but since college i have lost interest in the collecting aspect of comics. i still enjoy the characters, story, and especially the art, but now i am alot more selective. growing up i would get anything and everything that had my favorite characters in it. my favorites through the years have been mainstream (batman, xmen) and indie (maxx, sandman, cerebus, etc). i used to be all about the characters, but i am now more prone to follow a particular author.
there are very few comics that i still keep up on, and i have gotten alot more patient. i always wait for the collected stories (trade paper backs) instead of the monthly issues. there is one character in particular whom i still keep up with: hellboy. i was initially drawn to him based solely on the art. i love to draw and i deeply appreciate mike mignolas high black and white contrast. that man can shadow a face like no one else!
any way, this past fall i went to the local comic shop because i had heard that there was a new hellboy tpb and i figured i would like to see whats been going on lately in hellboys world. so i go and he doesnt have it in stock. i ask him if he can order it and he says 'no problem'. i then proceed to purchase another book or two and figure id pay for the hellboy order now. cut to last week: i remember 'oh yah, i ordered a comic, maybe i should pick it up'. i drive down to the shop, and what sight do my wondering eyes see? nothing. and here lies the problem. the comic shop is gone!!! the windows are covered in newspaper, the sign is gone. nothing remains.
so, my question is this: how do i get my twenty bucks back?!?

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Anonymous said...

I think you're SOL.