just a little reminder...

ive been doing this blogging thing for a while now, and i really love it. i like to write about what ever is going on or what ever is on my mind. i also like to keep these thoughts (aka ramblings) a little bit organized, so i have created for myself a bit of a blog page empire. i have a different page for different things i want to talk about. the break down like this:
home page: this is where i put stuff that is going on in my life, or general thoughts on whats going on.
critiques: this is where i review general pop culture stuff. everything from tv shows ive watched, video games ive played, dvds ive watched, books ive read, and magazines i have looked at.
music: this is where i review cds ive gotten, or just talk about my favorite bands.
movies: this is where i review movies ive recently seen, or am looking forward to seeing.
etc: just like it sounds; this is where i post random thoughts, quotes, or pictures that catch my interest.
theology: this is where i talk about bigger issues that are on my mind. i need to spend more time on this one...
image gallery: this is where i post photos, mostly of my family or other events i actually remembered to have my camera with me for.

like i said, there are a lot of them, but i spend a bit of time filling up those blogs too, so be sure to check them out as well. and feel free to comment.

oh, and something about a fish turtle...

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