doin' nuthin.

friday night was a blast! a few of the guys got together at adams, which in and of itself is pretty cool because we rarely get to see him these days. its always fun to hang out with everyone when there are no expectations. the worst times we have together are usually the times when we have the highest expectations. when we plan on going out on the town or makes plans for 'the best night ever', it hardly ever is. when we do that i think we put too much pressure on ourselves and end up disappointed.
friday we had no expectations. our plan for the night consisted of this: 'hey, lets go to adams and hang out'. and hang out we did! we caught up on life, joked with his dad (who is really cool), and then we headed down stairs to chill. after another hour or so of talking and making ourselves laugh, we hooked up my wii and played some bowling. the 'iconoclast' did fairly well, and we had a great time playing.
around 2:00 adam realized what time it was and headed off to bed. we packed up and ended up spending another hour and a half standing in his driveway talking and laughing some more. finally at 3:30am we called it a night.
it reminded me that often he simplest of plans are the most enjoyable.

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