spring already?

what a strange week we have had here. earlier this week spring gave us a little sneak peek- it got all the way up to 68 degrees around here. i actually pulled out some shorts! but the weather was short lived. a day and a half later i wake up to see snow on the ground. quite the change. but with this flipping and flopping, the reality of my upcoming spring break becomes real. how lucky am i? once the weather starts to get nice my job gives me a week off so i can enjoy it. can it get any better? oh, thats right, it does get better- they give me 13 weeks off over the summer too. (did i mention that i love this profession?)
im not going to be doing too much for spring break this year. next friday ill head up to michigan and stick around there till tuesday or wednesday (or until i get sick of it). im not quite sure how i will spend the rest of my time, but thats most of the fun of spring break anyway...

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Courtney Ruff said...

Mark Brink! Hey! How are you?

So it turns out a friend of mine is dating a friend of a friend of Sean...and I randomly came across his Myspace...and then his blog...and well, then I found you...we live in a crazy techie world, don't we? :)

I hope you are doing well!!! Courtney