working on cars

im not exactly what you might call 'good at working on cars'. i dont even know how to change my own oil. and im ok with that. the problem, though, is that all my michigan buddies are. so, often times i will find myself hip deep in a conversation about rear pin axle manifold mods and wonder how i got there (i dont think thats even a real thing...). like a deer in the headlights. i have a hard enough time remembering what kind of car i have, let alone what size engine or horsepower. i dont mind those times when they talk about cars and stuff, i just try my best to not look too dumb, and just stay out of the way.
well, friday night was one of those 'car' nights. the guys were at jeffry lee's working on a car. i rolled in around 6:30 and just hung out. they were working and getting dirty and stuff, and i was just standing around with them enjoying the company and the light hearted conversations. there were plans to go out that night, but the car stuff came first. we ended up in the garage till about 10:30, but at least the car was running (certainly through no help from me). it was kind of a drag to me at first, we were hanging out in a very cold garage, and i had no idea what they were doing, and am too ignorant to be able to help. but, as the night wound down, i realized that it was actually more fun than if we had gone out and hit the scene. we had some quality time just talking, laughing, and working (not me, them), which was so much more rewarding.
i guess thats kind of what friends are: even when you are not interested, they are still interesting.

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