dear diary

dear diary,
what a week this has been! on tuesday i got something i have been waiting and waiting for since i first started working. i had heard rumors about them, but i was still unsure if such a magical thing really existed. but this week i finally got to see that mythical thing called a 'snow day'! oh, and what an amazing thing it was. that morning i went about my activities like normal. but for some reason, i decided to check my answering machine before my shower. and lo, what did i find? a message which uttered those truly beautiful works 'no school today'! after six long years of hoping against hope, of anticipation and letdown, i finally was able to let its beauty and joy wash over me like a thousand tiny drops of 'yipee!'. i turned on the tv to see if it was true, and it was!
as if this glorious event werent enough, by days end i recieved a call which once again uttered those illuminous words: 'looks like schools off for tomorrow too'. oh, the rapturous joy! i must tell you, dear reader, that it is true- i have been touched by magic not once, but twice.
and it is glorious!

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