spiritual gifts test

we have been doing spiritual gifts tests this week in 8th grade. it has been really interesting to see the students fill them out. looking at some of the results as we went along was kind of cool because i got to see some of the students realize things about themselves for the first time. some of the students are realizing that they havent given any thought to what they are called to and what they excell at, while other students are figuring out the focus they always had.
one of my students came up to me after class while we were filling out the test and said 'am i doing this wrong? i seem to be getting really high numbers in a lot of these categories. is that right?' it was funny to me because it was absolutely right. hes just starting to realize how blessed he is by God. this guy loves to serve, hes an amazing leader, he constantly encourages, and he is passionate about scriptures and prayer. the only thing hes missing is pride. not too bad, huh? seeing his response to this test has been cool because hes gaining some self confidence and is realizing what God is calling him to. there are quite a few other kids who are begining to understand and figure out how to put their gifts to use.
its great to see these kids begin to step out and own their faith, it makes it all worth it!

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