fixin up the place

it was a really busy weekend, even though i didnt do much at all. go figure. saturday i spent most of the day repainting my bathroom. i painted my bathroom just a year or two ago, but i did a really poor job of it. i didnt repaint the ceiling or trim, i had alot of paint spots on the ceiling, and i didnt sand very well before i started. also, the color was horrible! bear in mind that when i picked it it looked good on the paint card... let me help you imagine what it looked like: take mint chocolate chip ice cream color, then add pee. im surprised i waited this long to repaint!
the color i got now is a lot darker green and actually looks good. now i have to find all the other bathroom stuff to match it. or maybe ill just pace myself. it took two years to paint, why rush the process now?

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