sick. but funny.

i was talking to a friend last night about how much we like pets. she has a cat and loves it but sometimes gets sick of it. we started talking about if i have ever thought about getting a dog. i said that i would love to, in fact, i really want a dog. the big problem for me though is the committment end of it. not that i have any fear of committment, i just travel around a bit on the weekends, and would get really sick of trying to find a place for it every time i needed to go away.
as we talked about it more i also said "one of the biggest things keeping me from getting a dog is the fact that its not just a committement for now, but actually for ten to fifteen years!"
she said "thats true..."
"i could easily do it if it meant for just a year or two" i told her
"maybe you should get a 14 year old dog then!" she laughed
i said "but its when they are puppies that they are the best, i dont want someone elses old dog." its at this point that i came up with one of the sickest, most depraived suggestions ever as a solution: "i know, what i really want is a puppy with cancer!!!"

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