phew! this has been a very hectic couple of weeks! i have been keeping way too busy these past two weeks (well, except for the good friday vacation day...) i have been swamped with extra activities that took a lot of extra time and effort (two things im not used to). last week i had to plan and coordinate the easter chapel for school. i plan most chapels at school, but this one was for all the grades, so it has to be 'extra special'. it was alot of details that needed to be taken care of- kids needed to practice skit, we needed a set, helpers to work the set, people to set up, a power point slide show for the songs and graphics, etc. it went over well, so i guess its all worth it right? also, yesterday our school had an extra fundraiser and i was tapped to take care of the decoraions for it. sounds easy, but i really hate using cheesy decorations you can buy in stores. i typically prefer to make them myself. which takes alot more time and alot more stress... but that was last night, so thats out of the way too! the other thing that has been looming over my head was redoing my bathroom. i had started last weekend and i finally got it done this weekend (well, i still need to install the new door knob). also i had a bunch of friends over monday night so i wanted it finished and the place cleaned up as well.
but now all that is taken care of. now i can sit back and relax. at least until the next stressful event shows up.

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