march madness- no wait, march craziness!

my life lesson for this week has been this: you dont have to know a dang thing about sports to guess who will win. a few weeks ago one of the teachers offered the students and the rest of us a chance to fill in an ncaa bracket. she would keep track of who was doing well and give the winner a prize. on a whim i decided to fill one in. now, keep in mind that i know nothing about college basketball. in fact, the only reason i know much about basketball at all is because when i lived in utah they would pay us to do the score board at games (and on that salary, i needed all the help i could get...)
anyway, i filled in a bracket and figured i would really embarass myself. not knowing any of the teams, i just picked based on whatever i wanted to. for example, i thought the name villinova was stupid, so i had them loose quickly (ranked number one or not, thats a stupid name for a school!) miraculously i did really good- i had ucla going all the way. i even managed to beat every other person who filled in a bracket!
the moral of the story is this: dumb guesses are sometimes better than informed opinions. i guess...

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