this past weekend i went up to minnisota to visit a few old college friends. i headed up on thursday and stayed until sunday. on friday robb had to go to work and tracey had to go to work stuff too, so i was on my own for the day. it was alot of fun, i had no idea where i was, and i had tons of time to waste. so, i decided to drive downtown minneapolis and see what there is to see. for a while there i was the driver that everyone hates- i had no idea where i was going so i drove extra slow. i rationalized it to myself by saying 'its ok, i have out of state plates...'
i ended up parking and checking out the skywalk. for those unfamiliar (which was me before i discovered it), the skywalk is this cool collection of shops, stores, department stores, and restaurants that are downtown. but the catch is that all of it is on the second story of the buildings! there are tons of crosswalks going from building to building over the streets. its really fun and a totally confusing crazy maze. i got lost for a couple hours in there!
miraculously, i found my way back to my car and back to robbs place.

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reuben said...

if you like skywalks, check out des moines system. i think they have one of the largest skywalk networks in north america.