another fun thing about the trip up to minneapolis was going to a place called 'gameworks'. its a big video arcade for adults (i dont mean 'adults' as in bad stuff, i mean an arcade with a bar in it). the place was big and they had a lot of games to play (most of them were sega games, but i tried not to complain too much...) with tons of driving sims and stuff. we had some coupons so we got to play 10 or 15 games for only five bucks each!
they even had ski ball! certainly one of my favorites, and, as i guess is manditory, that game gives out tickets that you can trade in for crappy stuff. at one point while we were playing, robbs ski ball machine decided that he had won it all and just started spitting out the tickets! and then it kept going. and going. and going. eventually the machine emptied out and robb got about 350 tickets when he should have only gotten about 8! the only problem was this: even with 350 tickets all you can get is crap! so, we figured we would be nice and we found a young kid who was there and we gave them all to her.
after a while we got bored and we headed over to coldstone for ice cream, which is always top of the line!

ps. the next day we heard on the news that someone was shot and killed on the street corner in front of gameworks about 20 minutes after we left. yikes.

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