lawn work

wow, i really hate lawn work. i, unfortunately, spend most of my saturday doing lawn work. sure, it would have been a lot easier if i had actually not procrastinated and instead mowed the lawn a week ago. but no, i decide to wait until the grass is about as tall as king kong before i finally cave in and mow.
i started off putting the bag on to catch the grass. that didnt last long. instead i ended up going over everything twice (there by taking longer, and making me hate it more).
as i was mowing i decided to make a few changes to my back yard. first, i guess for some reason the old residents thought they could grow a garden in the back. so, i ripped out the 'rabbit keep away' fence and junk. second, i figured i would get rid of the fire pit my other old resident decided to put in. i didnt mind having it, but ive never used it, and im not so sure about its legality. so out it went.
after taking far too long and making me far too annoyed, i finished up the lawn. the problem is i know that beast will reer its ugly head again way too soon.

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