4 month check-up

wow, four months old already?  our little guy went in for his four month check up at the pediatricians office recently.  diana and i really love our doctor, she is so passionate about children that we know she cares about our little guy almost as much as we do.  ledger was weighed and measured and he is growing just right!  he is still  on the lighter side, but is quite long (by the way, when do we stop measuring babies by how 'long' they are and start measuring by how tall they are?  i guess when they start walking, huh?)  the doctor did a few different tests on him, checking his strength and stuff.  she was very pleased with his development since last time, so it was all positive news.  well, it was positive right up until the point where ledger had to get some more shots!  poor boy!  this time diana was a little more brave and actually stayed in the room with us when he go his shots.  ledge was a trooper, he cried for about thirty seconds and then was over it!
see you again in two more months for the rest of those shots...
(more pics)

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