cage rage

for some reason our dog decided that he was no longer paper trained.  argh.  we have been having a really hard time with him peeing where he shouldnt.  we brought him in to the vet thinking maybe it was a physical problem but no, he just decided to forget what he had been doing for the past ten years.  we were both terribly frustrated and didnt know what to do about it.  well, we decided that we are now going to take him outside to do his business every time (including in the middle of the night...).  part of that transition means that he can no longer have any freedom to go around the house at night because he will just make a wet mess of things!  so diana and i got him a cage to go in at night.  we read up all about it and learned that we need to first make him comfortable with it, not forcing him into the cage or anything.  we would put treats in it and allow him to go in on his own terms.  we did this for a couple days, and then we traded it with his normal bed.  well, that sure didnt work!  when he was in the cage he whimpered all night long, destroying any chance the three of us might have for a normal nights sleep.  finally we decided to give up on it and now we just barricade him in to the little nook where his normal bed is.  he still whimpers a bit, but its been steadily decreasing to the point now where its only a couple times a night.  its not so bad now and he really loves the chance to go outside every couple of hours!

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