4 month photos

i remember getting pictures now and then from different friends and family over the years of their babies.  they would get some professional pictures taken at olan mills and pass out the wallet sized pictures!  i figured that since we now have a baby, we should continue this old tried and true tradition.  knowing that my mom was going to be in town soon, we scheduled a time with the photographer so mom could join us!  it was fun to watch our little man put into poses and different settings by the photographer.  it was really fun trying to get him to do what we wanted for the pictures, at one time all four of us (diana, mom, myself, and the photographer) were trying to get that kid to look in a certain direction or smile more!  all in all it went well, but we didnt get him to smile as much as we wanted. oh well, we will have to try again sometime soon!
(more pics)

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