b and jeffry lee

while visiting south bend, we had some time to go and visit barbara too.  it just so happened that good ol' jeffry lee was visiting as well, so we got to have some fun hang out time together!  the problem was though, that barbara had to work the night shift that night, so the three of us just hung out with ledger and the dogs.  we had a great night of just hanging out, chatting, messing around with jeffry lee's new tablet computer, and all kinds of other fun!  it was the first time i got to meet sal, barbara's new dog, so that was really neat.  in order for poco not to viciously attack sal, we tried to take them for a walk together as soon as we got there.  you know, let them both know that they are part of the same pack and not as rivals.  it worked pretty good, poco only snipped at sal if she was trying to take away diana's attention from him!  he's so possessive!

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