shanks for the answer

the main draw of the stargate convention this year was michael shanks, the actor who played daniel jackson in stargate sg-1.  i had seen him there the first year i went to the con, but it was really great to see him again.  the first time he was there it was good, but obvious that it wasnt his best day.  either he was too tired or just not interested, last time he wasnt all that good.  this year though, was different.  it was apparent that he was having a great time, enjoying the chance to see fans and share some stories about what he has been up to.
as he was talking and answering questions, i thought of one that i wanted to ask him.  having been emboldened by my first trip up to the microphone, i got up the nerve to go up and ask him a question.  this time it was a serious one.  i could see out of the corner of my eye as i was in line at the microphone that the guys who run the convention were staring me down, wondering if i was going to try that shananigan a second time.  dont worry, i wasnt.  instead i asked michael shanks about the stargate audiobooks that he had narrated and what that process was like.  i've got a few of them that he did and was curious what it was like behind the scenes of making them.  he was very nice and shared some interesting facts about the process and what goes in to putting them together.  it was pretty neat to have him directly address me and respond to my question!

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