first real food

we have been feeding ledger a bit of rice milk for the past couple weeks, per the doctors request, but since our last visit to the doctor, she told us that we can go ahead to the next level:  baby food!  yikes, our little guy is getting big fast!  well, with mom visiting, we figured we would wait and give her the honor of feeding ledger his first food.  we got him all ready in his chair like we have been for the rice milk, but this time he was going to get some food instead!  the doctor told us to start with orange food: carrots, squash, and sweet potatoes.  we, for some reason, decided on squash first.  let me tell you, seeing him take his first bite was one of the funniest things i have ever seen in my life!  as he took that first spoonful he made a very surprised face.  he wasnt quite sure what was going on in his mouth!  think about it, this is the first food he has ever eaten in his life- up until now the only thing his tongue has tasted is milk, so i'm sure squash was quite a surprise!  but then, before my very eyes, his expression changed from confusion and interest, to one of disgust- he was excited about the new taste but realized pretty quickly that he hated it!  he gave it a couple more tries, but you could see in his reaction that he was not at all interested in continuing!  so funny and so very cute!

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