gate con '12

the con didnt start until about 11am, so brains and i took our time getting ready in the morning.  after getting in some good quality ledger time, we headed out around 9:30am over to rosemont to find the convention hotel.  we got there and this time it was nice and relaxed, both of us had done this before, so we were comfortable and able to really just hang out and enjoy the guests and merch!
as the speakers came up we had a lot of fun just listening to the stories and the question and answer time.  when david nykl, the actor who plays dr. zelenka on stargate atlantis was on stage, brains leans over to me and says 'i'll give you twenty bucks if you go up there and say 'doctor zelenka rules!  can i have a high five?'.'  never one to back down from free money, i take that challenge.  i went up there and asked just like brains dared me to, and david nykl laughingly agreed!  i walked up to the stage and he gave me a big high five!  i dont know what anyone else in the crowd thought about it, but i could see brains in the back just laughing hysterically!  twenty bucks, please!

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Captainbananapants said...

Ohhhhhh my gosh - why have I not heard this story!? What a shining moment! That's hilarious. Usually I'm the one taking the stupid dare and that's bolder than I could have been! You're the best Brother Mark!