with his four month pediatric visit just around the corner, we wanted to try giving ledger a little bit of food.  our doctor asked us to try feeding him a few days before we saw her next, so one afternoon we gave it a try.  we took some milk and mixed it with baby rice cereal, got a brightly colored spoon, and got to the task of feeding our son for the first time!  he was a bit confused by the whole thing at first but quickly began to understand as we put the spoon in his mouth and he got to taste the rice cereal.  he wasnt too sure what was going on- why were we putting stuff in his mouth?!?  pretty strange, huh?  after trying to suck on the spoon the first few times, he started to get the hang of it.  at first there was far more rice cereal on the bib than there was in his mouth, but little by little he started swallowing and getting more comfortable with the whole process.  he only had about two ounces the first time, but it was a great start!  i think the pediatrician will be rather impressed!

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