a relaxing sunday evening

we were so excited for our camping trip that we made sure to leave nice and early.  turns out we were a bit too early because when we got to sandy pines we had to wait an hour before we could get the keys to the cabin!  well, we headed over to mom and papa's place instead.  ledger got a change and a feeding, and then we were off.  they gave us the keys to the cabin and we went and unpacked, getting comfy for the long stay. we were in a different cabin then we were in last time, but it was still a really nice one so we didnt complain!
jill, tim, and the kids werent staying out at sandy that weekend but they still wanted to see us, so they came out to share a fun evening and dinner.  the kids were pumped to see miss barbara again and the girls wanted to play with her right away!  we had a great time seeing everyone, but before we knew it it was time for ledger to start getting ready for bed.  we excused ourselves and went back to the cabin.  ledge fell asleep quickly in the pack-n-play, thankfully!  it was still pretty early and i was wondering what the three of us would do for the rest of the night.  i soon got my answer as both barbara and diana got ready for bed and immediately zonked out!  thats all right, i was pretty tired too from the long day, so after playing on my phone for a while, i headed off to sleepy town too!
(more pics)

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Captainbananapants said...

Mary and I are both at our happiest in that picture - she has a baby and I have a dog! ;o)