papa's projects

monday morning when we got rolling, we headed over to mema and papa's to see papa before he had to head in to work.  when we got there he was busy at it, fixing the walkway that had rotted out.  he replaced it with some really nice new wood that would be stronger and less likely to rot.
though he was finishing up, i got to help him for a few minutes and in so doing i was transported back in time!  though i have a house of my own to work on and do repairs, and have worked for two summers building stuff and working on diana's mom and david's place, the moment i started helping papa i was transported back to that eager child excited to help daddy build stuff!  papa, ever the perfectionist, would rarely let me do the important stuff, instead i was the assistant.  i would faithfully watch him work, trying to anticipate what tool or piece of wood he might need next.  i always understood what he was doing because he was thorough in explaining it to me as we worked, and i learned the importance of doing a job right.  his wise words: 'measure twice, cut once!'  though he wouldnt let me do everything, i still learned so much from watching and helping.  as i got older he would give me more and more responsibilities in the different projects i would help on, but it was his trained eye for detail that always guided the work.
as he finished up this particular job, i found myself once again anticipating what he would need next, where to lend a hand or steady a board; and it filled me with such happiness and appreciation for what he taught me, consciously and unconsciously.  as i remember these things, i store them away for when i will have the opportunity to be the daddy in different projects with ledger.  i look forward to guiding him as he takes the role of my helper.  man, this whole fatherhood thing is so awesome!
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