as our boy starts to explore the world around him a little bit more, we have been trying to give him different toys to play with to see if he likes them or not.  he's had a few that are of no interest whatsoever, but there have been a few that he rather likes. being equal opportunity parents, we even tried out a sports toy.  diana and i are not exactly sporty, so it is with fear and trepidation that i even offered ledger a soccer ball.  one of my biggest fears as a parent is that my child will really love sports and then i will have to go to all of his little league games and pretend to be interested!  gah!  no thanks!  fortunately he only seemed mildly interested, holding it for a while, but quickly moving on to staring once again, mesmerized, at the ceiling.  hey, anything is better than a soccer ball, right?

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