family reunion

one of the events that we were able to be in town for was the dykhouse family reunion!  our family always used to get together every christmas: grandpa and grandma, all twelve uncles and aunts, and a couple dozen cousins!  as time went on and the cousins got older, married, and started having children of their own, the family got to be just too big to gather together in someone's house.  we tried renting a school gym for a few years, but finally decided to call it quits.  instead, the family now gathers once a year at a park in byron center for an evening of family fun!  they have been doing this for a few years now, but i've never been able to be in town for it until this year!  we arrived and were able to see everyone for the first time in years.  it was really great to be able to catch up and chat with everyone!  and the best part was getting to show off our little  guy!  i got to have some great conversations with my cousin jeff, and caught up a bit with uncle paul and aunt dide.  we will totally have to make it next year!

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