mema songs

that night, as we got ledger ready for bed, mema helped me get him to sleep.  when i put ledger to sleep every night, i swaddle him up and then i hold him and sing to him.  usually i sing him an old hymn from way back when.  my favorites include 'amazing grace', and 'be thou my vision'.  so when mom helped me out i asked if she would like to sing with me.  as we began to sing 'blessed assurance' i was reminded of all the times growing up that we had done that before.  we used to have a piano in our living room for many years and my mom was a virtuoso at playing anything and everything that came from that old blue psalter hymnal!  she would always play the great hymns for us.  granted, i was a little boy and wanted to play, not sing!  i would sometimes put up a fuss saying that i didnt want to sing, but by the second verse her playing had drawn me in and i joined her in those classic tunes.  as the years went by the piano moved to the basement and those times of singing grew less frequent.  but as i grow older, its those old hymns that i cling to and love more and more.  without those wonderful times of familial song, i would never have learned them and loved  them so much.
though this was just a small moment for mom, focused mainly on that beautiful baby in her arms, for me this time of once again singing praises to God was a special moment that reminded me of mom's love for me, and now also for my son.  though i may not have loved those singing times back then, the memories of that time continue to bring joy to me now!  i will continue to sing to ledger and hope that my mom's example will pour out into his life too.


Anonymous said...

Mark, that night was VERY special to me too. One of those memories that bring a smile :)
Just one correction though...that night we sang Blessed Assurance and the words were beautiful! Love you! Mom

mb said...

oops! now its been fixed.