slippidy slide

that afternoon we had invited a bunch of friends to come out and have fun at sandy pines with us.  jeffry lee was able to miraculously get out of work early, so he was the first to join us with brains coming along soon after.  the five of us headed over to the water park to cool off in the pools.  mom came by as well to take care of ledger so we could have some time to enjoy.  we went down to the adult pool to swim since the all ages pool was pretty packed.  mom brought ledger down to the adult pool for a minute and actually got herself kicked out!  ha!  apparently someone in the pool decided to tattle on us, went and got the life guard, and mom got a talking to about bringing ledger into the adults only pool area.  oops!
after a bit of swimming, jeffry lee, barbara, and i headed over to the water slide.  now, i have always refrained from going down the water slide in years past.  not entirely sure why, but i have.   well, this time i didnt refuse when they asked if i wanted to go down it too.  low and behold, it was super fun!  i ended up going down it a second time because i had such fun the first time!
(more pics)

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