gifts galore!

after dinner the real fun began!  it was time to open prizes!  ledger was really excited to open gifts (as were the rest of the kids), so he was on his best behavior!  my parents always go overboard on the gift giving, and this year was no exception- they had tons of great prizes for ledger!  we could have stopped half way through and it still would have been more than enough toys for our boy!
fortunately he wasn't the only one being spoiled- there were tons of gifts for everyone!  the rest of the kids got some great gifts that they had been hoping for, and even miyuki's family got some fun gifts to remind them of this great trip over here in michigan!  finally, after about three hours of gift opening, all the prizes were given and everyone was exhausted.  it was a great time and some great memories were made!
(more pics: 1, 2)

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