christmas dinner

usually we have our christmas celebration at my mom and papa's house, but this year was a little different.  with chad, miyuki, and her family visiting us, there just wasn't enough room in the house for everyone to be in the same room.  so instead we had our celebration in jill's basement!  its a huge room, so it worked perfectly!  since we were staying there we got the opportunity to help out a little bit.  jill put in so much work getting the place ready for the festivities (tim too- he actually repainted the room in preparation for the event!),  we were just glad we could help out a little bit.
with the table set (which looked amazing, by the way), we were excited to have everyone come and enjoy the meal.  it went really well.  initially mom and jill thought that maybe they could make something japanese for miyuki's family to enjoy, but they had told us that they really wanted to experience an american christmas and even the food that went with it.  so mom and jill made ham, potatoes, and all the fixin's!  it was so delicious- and miyuki's family agreed!  after dinner we made our way over to the couches and had a great time hanging out and opening gifts.  it was really an amazing day, and we were so glad to share it with chad's extended family!
(more pics: 1, 2)

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