goodbye, craig

ah, the end of an era.  i've always loved late night talk shows.  i remember when i was in high school i would set the vcr every night to record letterman so i could watch it the next day (it was on way too late for me to actually stay up, so this was what i devised so i could still watch it!).  i had one tape specifically set aside so i could keep up on the fun.  after high school i got out of the habit of watching late night, but when craig ferguson took over the late late show, i decided to give it another try- and i was hooked!  that crazy scott was so funny that i wanted to watch every episode he made!  thankfully i didn't have to set the vcr and set up a tape every night anymore because i now had this wonderful invention called tivo!  i never missed an episode!  i became obsessed, to be honest.  i even went so far as to create a whole new blog where i would summarize every episode and highlight some of his best jokes from each monologue.  i did this every day for almost six years!  (by the way, you can check it out here!)  i had such a great time seeing what he though of the days events and enjoying his amazing interviews with different celebrities.  he had some great bits and jokes that i just loved!  i even got one of those great rattlesnake mugs that he would always use!
unfortunately, like all things, his time comes to an end.  since we moved from griffith we haven't had a dvr, so i hadn't been able to see every episode for the last year or so of his run, but i made sure to make time to watch his last week.  it was great to spend just a little more time with him and his crazy show- he will be greatly missed!

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