introducing: penny!

it finally happened!  one of my friends had a baby!  all the guys here in grand rapids that i hang out with regularly are still either single or newly married.  we were the only ones with a kid.  but now jon and allison have joined the ranks of parents!  when they sent news that she was born, jeffry lee and i made plans to go up to the hospital and visit them.  we stopped by to pick up shane, jon's brother, as well.  the three of us stopped in on the beaming father and exhausted mother to celebrate with them the birth of their first child Penny.  and wow is she a cutie!  we all got a chance to hold her for a little while (she was fast asleep almost the whole time), and hear about the whirlwind of events that happened leading up to her birth.  having gone through the process myself, i love to hear about other people's experiences and stories.
welcome to the world, penny.  i look forward to spending more time with you and watching your parents grow!  don't worry, you are in goods hands!
(more pics)

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