key change

with so much changing there is one other thing that is changing too: we are getting rid of our car.  now, this one isnt exactly by choice though...  with all the miles ive been putting on it over the past year and a half (about 180 per day), its no wonder that it started to show some wear.  unfortunately its showing a lot of wear!  it had been struggling for the past couple weeks, and finally the poor thing just gave out.  i brought it in to the shop and the guy told me that i aught to just throw in the towel, it would cost much more to fix it than the thing was actually worth.  he said something about it being warped (sorry, i'm not a car guy at all...), and he told me that the whole frame was rusted out really bad- he actually asked if it had ever been in a flood!  not that i know of, but it makes me think that maybe this car had a pretty sorted history that the car lot i bought it from never told me about...  we sold it to a junkyard and they were going to pick it up the same day as my last day of school.
anyway, the sign that made all of these changes very real to me was, of all things, my key chain!  in one day my key chain went from being very full and a heavy weight in my pocket, to being almost empty.  that will take some getting used to!

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