big jackson 12

now that we live in grand rapids, there are some perks to being so close to my family.  one of the benefits is that we can spend more time with my nieces and nephew!  with jackson's birthday at the beginning of december, i was able for the first time, to spend some time with him and treat him to a fun birthday event!  we decided to go and see big hero 6 together.  since i work second shift, we were able to go to the first showing of the day (and jack got to skip out on school for a while to do it- i don't think he minded too much...).  we met up at the theater in the mall, his mom and sisters went shopping with diana for a couple hours while we got to have a little guy time!  we had a blast too, what was really awesome was that there was no one else at the screening- you would almost think that i had bought out the place just so we could have it to ourselves or something!  with no one else there, it allowed us to have even more fun- we could talk and be totally silly together and not have to worry about bothering anyone else!
its really cool to be able to finally do some of the 'uncle' stuff i've always wanted to!

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