say cheese!

with chad and miyuki visiting, its the first time since they got married that the whole family has been together.  mom wanted to take advantage of this by getting some professional family photos done.  it worked out perfectly too because miyuki wanted to have some wedding style photos of her, chad, and both families!  with her family in town for christmas, my mom scheduled a sitting to get a whole bunch of photos of everyone and everything.  miyuki even had a wedding dress and chad had a nice suit so they could get some really great shots.  the whole thing was a lot of fun, the cousins had a lot of fun playing around and striking poses!  each of the families got the chance to get a portrait, and we had some great pictures of all the guys, of all the girls, and a whole bunch of different combinations of kids/grandkids/grandparents.  we all look forward to seeing the final product and getting some prints to display of our happy- now bigger- family.
(more pics)

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