after dinner

chad and miyuki brought her family back to the hotel, but werent exactly wanting to call it a night just yet.  tim, jill, diana, and i all made plans with them to head downtown and hang out for a while longer before they left town.  we planned to meet up at hopcats, but there was a big event doing on at the van andel arena that had just let out, so the place was swamped- over an hour to get a table!  we put our name in anyway and wandered around to find a different place that might not be as crowded.  after three attempts at other places, which were just as crowded, we went back to hopcats- and our name was just being called to be seated!  what luck!  we spend the rest of the night talking, catching up, and laughing together- three siblings, three spouses, and a lot of fun!

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